A Scientifically Proven Process

The process of facelifting through facial muscles contractions is scientifically proven. In fact, the electric facial toning machines used in beauty salons uplift the face through muscle contractions: thanks to electrodes placed on the skin, they send tiny electrical shocks into the facial muscles to provoke involuntarily their contractions.
However, the contraction of the facial muscles generated by the electrical facial toning devices are of lower intensity and of faster motion, therefore they require many treatment sessions before uplifting the face significantly.

In sum, the process of face lifting through the electrical facial toning device not only takes more time to lift up the face, but is very costly if you need to maintain the result.

The Chin Muscles Tonifier allows the full contractions of facial muscles (including those hard-to-reach by electric facelifiting devices). As the muscles of the face are aligned vertically from the forehead down to the neck and from the cheek bones to the mouth ( Please see the Mucles of the Face System below this Page. ); the Chin Muscles Tonifier's steel spring elastic ring by wrapping the face from the top of the forehead down to the chin, provides a strong resistance against the facial muscles as you exercise: open and close the mouth successively. The Chin Muscles Tonifier, in sum, tones up the facial muscles very effectively and uplift the face faster.

It should be noted that a full contraction of the muscles of the face ( particularly the muscles of the jaw, the cheek, and the neck ) can only be obtained with a resistance exercise device such as the Chin Muscles Tonifier, because it contracts the facial muscles through voluntary and slow motion; A voluntary and slow motion of the muscles allows you ( the user ) to hold the contraction of the muscles of the face much longer during each open and close the mouth; therefore allowing the larger muscles of the face ( Muscles of the Jaw, the Cheeks, and the Neck ) to fully contract and firm up effectively.

The contraction generated by the electrical device, being of lower intensity and fast motion do not fully contract the large muscle of the face and neck.

Furthermore, because the Chin Muscles Tonifier exercises all the facial muscles simultaneously, it allows a symmetrical lifting of the face. In sum, the Chin Muscles Tonifier improves the process of non-surgical facelifting. It allows a more effective and fast toning of the face. The Chin Muscles Tonifier is the best alternative to surgery.


Only a full muscles contractions tones and firms up the facial muscles effectively and/or prevents the sagging of the face; surgery only streches droopy skin and laser treatment only "resurfaces" the skin.
Cream or other cosmetics do not lift or tone sagging muscles. They generally hydrate the skin and improve its texture and smoothness.

It should be noted in relation to the surgical face lifting that the Chin Muscles Tonifier is, moreover, a very good device in maintaining the result of a surgical face lift.

The loss of muscles tonicity ( mass ) is one of the major cause, if not the major cause, of sagging of the facial skin. By exercising your jaw, cheeks, and neck muscles very effectively, you will tone up your facial muscles ( therefore firm up your skin ) and avoid or postpone another surgery.

In fact, many users of the Chin Muscles Tonifier are people who have had a surgical face lift but who do not want to go through another risky, painful, and expensive surgical experience.

Muscles of the Face and Neck (side view)

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